Sep 26, 2008

EV and i21 articles, fall, 2008

This is the arena where you can post a comment pertaining to articles of Earth Vision or Insight21, from Sept. to Dec., 2008.

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Articles included here are:

The End of Factory Farming

A Spiritual Ecology of West Coast Rainforest

Following the Center - on the trail of Love


Earth Vision



Doorways for the 21st Century. . .


  1. Hi Josef,

    Very interesting article [The End of Factory Farming]. It reminded me of part of what I read here:

    I couldn't read the entire article, although you may find it interesting...but about 1/3 of the way down the page, Richard Sauder outlines what would be his agricultural policy, if he were running for President of the U.S.

    Oh, and another inspiration to me has always been Wendell Berry, this piece to me is a classic:

    Conserving Communities


  2. The End of Factory Farming strikes a chord so deep, so basic, so simple, so obvious, you have to work to articulate it in ways that really connect. As soon as I read this article, that intuitive deep knowing kicked in... 'we are what we eat'. Though we may, like the yogis of India, learn to let poisons (of all sorts) pass through us, the karmic is not so easily offloaded. Thank you, Josef, for an article which reminds us all that the animal holocaust IS STILL GOING ON and may be playing a huge part in stopping people evolving to any semblance of a peace-loving consciousness. Ann Palmer

  3. I did enjoy looking over your piece on the end of factory farming. It’s good to know that organizations like yours are spreading the word about how our diets affect the environment and the wellbeing of creatures besides humans.

    Thanks so much for your good work for animals and for the environment.


  4. [re - A Spiritual Ecology of West Coast Rainforest]:

    You express myths, images, spirituality, the ineffable, in words using verbal pictures and metaphors quite beautifully and skillfully.

    I have to read this as poetry. It is so full of beautiful metaphors and the metaphors cause my imagination to see and my soul to feel, what you say and what you mean. I think if I had never been to Hollyhock [retreat on the west coast] the effect of this would be the same for me.

    The choreographic image is, of course, minimalist and would be a wonderful idea for someone. . . . I see it as a group piece. I never think minimally. . . . I would be more likely choose to dance the rest of the poem as a solo, and the choreography for a sequential group piece.

    - Deborah

  5. [ re - A Spiritual Ecology of West Coast Rainforest]:

    Sir, you do have a way with words. Your article brought me back to the
    peace and serenity I felt as I walked through rain forests on the
    Pacific West Coast. Your imagery is stunning. Thank you for your gift of
    beauty on this cold and dreary prairie day.


  6. [re - Following the Center - on the trail of Love]:

    Beautifully written, Josef. Truly a Sun-event of love,

    Merry Christmas,


    Bobby Matherne
    Principal Researcher
    The Doyletics Foundation

    December Good Mtn Press Digest

  7. Heather SnowMarch 09, 2009

    Thank you Joseph, for your latest prose about spring. I really found your languageing engaging. I loved the way your words described sounds...a very tricky thing to do..."the quiet cello phrasing of a tumbling stream, incite an insurrection in the soul. And from the heart of this fervency, like an inkblack crow against a blue and cloudwhite sky, a vision ....."
    I feel your dedication and love for the natural world. I also appreciate that your quoted Rudolf Steiner......“the entire soul-destiny of mankind has been crucified upon the cross of materialism…and until mankind comes to see how the present way of knowledge, which clings to the senses and to them alone, is nothing but a grave of knowledge out of which a resurrection must take place - until it sees this, it will not be able to experience the thoughts and feelings which truly belong to Easter.” I think Steiner is one of the greatest spiritual teachers with a Soul firmly rooted in the earth elements. I so agree with that statement and have tried to convey this very thing to readers of my letters.
    I want to be part of your Eco-study group, but how is it working?
    Thank you again for your most beautiful writing.
    In Harmony,

  8. Very interesting article.

  9. AnonymousJuly 02, 2009

    This is in response to the Earth vision article regarding nature and the 12 senses...

    What about the sense of time? Sense of direction (difft from movement - which requires feeling internal body and muscle changes, I'm talking about sense of direction as N,S,E,W...) ??? Also why are metaphysical senses grouped outside of human senses if we still utilize them (intuition, imagination, inspiration)?

    Wondering your thoughts on this...


  10. Thanks much for the interest in the issue of 12 senses in the realm of nature.
    At this time, as I am engaging in a contract to fulfill a painting job of considerable size, and have no time to respond in full - I want to refer you to Rudolf Steiner material on the subject, to answer some of those questions. I would Google "Steiner and 12 senses" and explore from there.

    After a while, if you still have questions, feel free to contact me again - say in the fall should work. . .

    Meanwhile, all best wishes, and enjoy the exploration. . .