May 9, 2008

Insight21 - Answers for the 21st Century

The sister site for Earth Vision is Insight21 - a newly launched initiative that presents answers to a wide spectrum of social and spiritual issues.

Visitor input is encouraged and download-able articles can be accessed on the download page - for both Insight21 and Earth Vision articles.

Visit Insight21

And feel free to input your feedback here.

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  1. Ann PalmerMay 09, 2008

    Hi Josef,

    The new website - Insight21 - is superb. I have long believed the only way people generally can be influenced is through the anthropocentric viewpoint. To ask the man or woman in the street to align with Earth is tantamount to asking them to become aliens, (well, to all intents and purposes they DO act as Earth-aliens!) or have a complete I.D. change. It's a bridge too far for those enmeshed in mainstream culture. We're programmed into clone-thinking and it takes great personal effort to become an independent thinker.

    Quite stunned by your new inspired and inspirational website - very relatable. All success to you and Insight21! Is this the result of your wilderness sojourn? If so, I really AM missing out something in my life at the moment!!

    Ann Palmer