Dec 13, 2007

The Return of Bison and Wolf - instigating North America's eco-renaissance

The Return of Bison and Wolf is a visionary call for the re-mapping of Great Plains’ ecology. In response to environmental degradation of the region, Earth Vision promotes a progressive replacement for the debased cattle industry, in tandem with a seed-point strategy for the eco-renaissance of North America.

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  1. on Dec 12, 2007 -

    HI Josef,
    that is brilliant writing. I think you should present at the SER meeting (Society for Ecological Restoration ( We have annual local, national and international items. My boss for 30 yrs/former professor helped to get SER off the ground and opened up a SER group in India. I think you have a great paper here (to give us a break on the scientific ones)..maybe you could contact Dennis Martinez of the Indigenous Peoples Restoration Network (of SER)'d fit in well there.

    Nina Raymond
    Venice, FL

  2. on Dec 12, 2007 -

    Thank you, Josef. I'll give this all a plug in the next Light and Life Journal,

    Jim Cleveland

  3. on Dec 12, 2007 -

    Rudolf Steiner gave the answer to
    preventing "Mad Cow" disease over 80 years ago. It is so simple, it's
    unbelievable that the disease yet exists:

    NEVER feed cattle any animal products! ! !

    See my reviews:

    I watched news reports and have several heard of "mad cows" who were
    fed nutrients with bone meal in them. Not one word about a possible
    connection of bone meal to the disease. Sounds innocuous enough until
    you realize that bones come from an animal and bone meal will cause
    the disease eventually!

    keep up the great work,

    warm regards,


    P. S. May I quote extensively from your page on Bison and Bees for my
    next Digest? I'll provide a link to the page also.

    P. P. S. Recommend you read the Anastasia Ringing Cedars books, 1 to 6
    ASAP. She offers solutions for the problems you pose, simple ones that
    are already being implemented on a large scale in Russia. I have
    reviewed all six, so you can start there, but I think you'll want to
    read the books yourself.

    What Is Anthroposophy? by R. Steiner
    Book of Kin - Megré
    December Good Mtn Press Digest
    Reviews & News ©2007 by Bobby Matherne ~^~ New Orleans, Louisiana ~^~

  4. The Return of the Bison and the Wolf is a spiritual vision of what needs to happen to save a very special part of the earth and the life of the bison and the wolf - who are our brothers and relations.
    We know our Earth Mother is dying and we have to move quickly while we still have time to stop the onslaught of the abuse perpetuated upon her by greed and a total lack of respect, love and honor for the giver of life for all creation.

    Cattle does not belong there. Public lands are suppose to be just that, not a cheap way for cattle barons to feed their cattle and make even more money for themselves at the expense of the human race and our animal relations. They continue to want more and more of the lands that are suppose to be held in trust for future generations but our elected officials are too dependent upon their campaign contributions and the people of this country and this earth have to stand up to this greed and inhumane uncaring one-sighted vision by those who care only for themselves.

    Thank you for your brilliant article about the bison and wolf, the bees - you have a gift of seeing truth in a spiritual way, a way that the common man and woman can truly understand and relate to in every way. Thank you.

  5. Excellent piece. Anyone interested in more information about the Buffalo Commons idea that I and my wife Deborah Popper, a geographer at the College of Staten Island/City University of New York and Princeton University, have been working on since the late 1980s should look at my Rutgers website, Best wishes from Deborah and me,
    Frank Popper
    Rutgers and Princeton Universities