Dec 13, 2007

The Earth Vision Project

The Earth Vision site came online in January 2007, with a primary focus of spiritual ecology, the interweave of nature and soul. So far, five books are accessible, with excerpts to peruse, a new environmental issue is addressed each season, and new features are evolving as new doorways and opportunities proceed.

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  1. on Dec 29, 2006 -


    I’m honoring your admirable insights and dextrous manipulation of language and color with my only gift at the moment, time.

    The last couple of mornings, as I have sat in my meditation room, which overlooks ancient foothills and a vista of 50 miles, ever-changing, crows have entered the air and soundspace. I wondered at their presence, since previously, jays, hawks, and pileated woodpeckers, as well as smaller junkoes, etc., had populated the area. I was going to look them up in my totem animal book, but decided to read your works' excerpts instead--and there they were!

    I am astounded at your agility, both with words, and colors, and seeing nature spirits. I was in Findhorn in October. More on that some other time.

    So I have now spent time with your books. I actually, look forward to owning them all when they do appear in print, and was torn between "Earth Vision", and and "A Calendar of Nature and Soul", while drooling over the art which is lurking in The Earth Vision Gallery. And I laughed out loud several times while reading the excerpt from Herbert Returns to America!!! I love your sense of humor. But I have settled on the Calendar, taking the sign of the quote from Rudolf Steiner, as being the best thing for me at this time.

    Thank you for your insights, your textured words and the love for our dear planet which is redolent throughout your work! in joy, Christine

  2. on April 9, 2007 -

    Call me and let's talk abut you being on my radio show VIRATO LIVE!


  3. on Feb 12, 2007 -

    Hi Josef,

    Thanks for the info about your new site and project. I'll include a feature on your work in a mid to late March issue of Metamorphosis (subscribe: ).

    Best regards, Peter
    Peter Shepherd
    - Tools for Transformation -
    "Minds, like parachutes, function better when open"

  4. Ann PalmerJuly 29, 2008

    Hello Josef,

    As I entered the Earth Vision contest last year, I don't feel I should do so this year.

    But I wanted to share this poem... if you can use it, please do so.


    I have but one root -

    it goes deep

    because there you meet all life-forms...

    human, animal, plant.

    I have but one root -

    it seeks Earth's heart...

    has done since birth...

    I didn't understand.

    Loving autumn as I do -

    now I know why...

    the withdrawing of life

    deep into roots...

    the slow sap in soft retreat

    from life above ground.

    I join that one root -

    into re-mergence.

    Call it reincarnation if you wish -

    I don't.

    (The poem isn't set out very well - limitations of email!)

    Hope all goes well for you. All good wishes, Ann Palmer