Mar 19, 2009

New America - on the edge of eco-renaissance

This article explores the future of the nature-human interface in a New America, one that transcends nationhood. The modern spiritual impulse is now poised to move forward into a greater way of being, with humanity, and with nature. Explore the article on the Insight21 website, through the above link.


  1. Over the months since I first "met" you through Daniel and Musical Inspirations, I've come to welcome the appearance of your article announcements in my mailbox.

    I have to admit that I struggle a bit with understanding them, as I might with a particularly complex piece of poetry, having to unravel them slowly, sentence by sentence.

    However, this latest one, New America, struck a particularly familiar chord. I've recently begun a personal diary, to document my own explorations. Explorations explained eloquently in the latter part of your article beginning with the sentence "Above all, during this time, there is a need to rise to a place of trusting oneself and one’s innate spirituality."

    My diary is dedicated to Sophia.

    I'm a writer and am having difficulty finding the words..

    I just want to thank you for writing something that helps me so directly and serendipitously in my own journey...


  2. Hi Josef,

    I cannot do justice to my feelings about your eco-renaissance article. The passion, inspiration and delight it imparts to the reader is off the scale. The dialogue section is SO funny - just the kind of dancing repartee many people would love to engage in - if they dared! At least in imagination we can go where the (bracketed) bits take us - for I believe hundreds of others will share that longing. The Arabian horse or the helicopter - either suits me just fine! I'm with you 100%. Can I be really cheeky - and ask for more of the same? It is so energy-raising, bold and desperately needed. Too much environmental writing pussyfoots, scared stiff to say it as it really is, and certainly not quantum leap into making us laugh outloud.
    Keep up the good work Josef.

    Best wishes, Ann Palmer

  3. Dear Josef,

    I was thrilled and blessed to be introduced to your website (and enlightened views) by the founder of my school - a Waldorf school, here in Taiwan, where I live.
    (In general, modern Taiwanese people, although very gentle and humble by nature, don't have a whole lot of respect for nature or animals. Though their connection is something that has been lost, not that was never there. So I find myself in the position of 'peaceful warrior' in a constant 'peaceful war' to educate them and try to stimulate a deeper understanding of nature that will hopefully re-ignite their inner connection with nature.)
    Having grown up in South Africa, I feel that I have a deep connection with nature and share many of your deep spiritual views, as expressed on Earth Vision.
    I am very interested to know what your views on vegetarianism and veganism are? I have noticed that quite a fair number of Anthroposophists/Waldorf-Steiner teachers are vegetarians and have wondered if there is a connection between Anthroposophy and being vegetarian, and if yes, what its role is? (I read that you are an omnivore and am interested in your viewpoint on vegetarianism.)
    I look forward to reading more of your enlightening articles, in the future, and also to introducing them to my colleagues.
    It's really wonderful that you have taken the time to put such clear info onto the web, with direct reference to Anthroposophy, for all to view and think about. Am I correct in thinking that you must be one of the first to take such a step? If you have can offer any further reading, besides those already mentioned on EV, please do share them!

    Thank you once again for the wonderful website.
    Yours in Waldorf,


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  5. Thanks for the feedback, Chris.
    Glad to hear some folks in Taiwan are getting some mileage out of the Earth Vision and Insight21 projects.
    As to vegetarianism, I believe it is the more evolved way to go. I, myself, am currently in transition. I haven't quite arrived at the vegetarian level, but am eating less meat, and also eating only humanely raised meat (but I must outgrow even this, soon. . .).
    The consumption of mass meat must stop as soon as possible. Meanwhile, humanity is being dragged downward by the bad karma of abused animals.
    We must overcome, evolve.

    I might also add that, for those of us still eating some meat, that it is important and effective to practice one of the aspects of the First Nations culture - that of praying for the passage to a higher state of those animals we are partaking of. Such a practice modifies one's karmic connection while, at the same time, enhances the destiny of the animal itself.

    As to further resources, that's a good question. It would be well for us to Google anthroposophy, more often.
    I can recommend a site where one can access hundreds of lectures by Rudolf Steiner:

    Also, Bobby Matherne has reviewed quite an array of Steiner material on the Doyletics site:

    But, also, it would be well to seek out more current anthroposophical links.

    You might also visit the sister site to Earth Vision - which leads on to various resources:

    All best wishes,
    and happy trails through Taiwan.

    Keep me posted as to further developments.


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