Jan 29, 2009

The Metaphysics of Romance

For the following article issued by Insight21 - an article that delves into relational and metaphysical dynamics of partnering.

The Metaphysics of Romance

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  1. Josef, your word-weavings here are soul-touching in their beauties and energies....they and you have been part of this morning's break-fast and the sun's rising over the Susquehanna. More to add later, I rather expect... Namaste'....

  2. Josef --- loved the take you have on this ----- excellent!

    A little bit of it reminds me of Cesar Vallejo's

    Un hombre esta mirando a una mujer -- Cesar Vallejo

    A man is looking at a woman
    at this very moment he studies her . . .
    sees her two hands, her breasts, her two shoulders;
    questions himself, as his heart presses against his strong, white rib.
    This man has no child who might grow into a father,
    this woman no child whose sex might be apparent. . .
    Although I do see a child now – a centipede child,
    passionate, energetic,
    I realize that they don't see it,
    standing between the two of them, wriggling, dressing itself . . .
    I accept them.
    I accept her more and more;
    I accept him as I would a clean joint of a wisp of clean hay –
    and then I call out to them.

    -- translation Braymer and Lowenfels

    -- Barbara Carder

  3. Stunningly close to my heart, thank you. I felt similar deep primal
    longing to share a moment in the garden when I noticed hyacinths
    breaking the earth's surface opening sunward from their winter sleep.
    Longing added to the collective.

    Sat Nam,


  4. This is simply to let you know that someone has been reading your latest two entries. It is dense difficult stuff - requires more concentration than I can sustain for long - and worth the effort.

    I was moved by your sharing from your journal at the end. I have been through the same in the now distant past, but never took it to that depth.

  5. Josef, on a level where my words cannot do justice, you have communicated with me. Thanks for your essay, I enjoyed it much.

    Roxann (a.k.a. Madison Woods)

  6. I have come back to this passage often, each time with a different reason. Your words pull stories, memories, gently from my heart. This time I returned because I remembered your mention of Sophia. I too kneel before her and ask for her grace, Our Lady of Insight, for her aid in finding my way. I thank you for invoking her presence so well.

  7. What a different topic? Absolutely you are correct about relationship. I feel that, relationship is strong with love. If love is broken then no relationship is their...